Tuesday, January 23, 2024

ARTS 475: Week 1

This was my first week of my senior thesis class, ARTS 475. On Tuesday, I spent most of my time writing. I was trying to think of where to start and what to focus on. I was feeling pretty lost today. Between the three studio classes I’m going to make work for this semester, I didn’t know how to approach any of them. So I started doing the only thing I could think about. I wrote words. I started writing single words down, seemingly random words that vaguely connected to experiences in my life from these past four years. I wrote ideas that came to my head. I wrote positive things. I wrote negative things. I wrote really negative things. I was struggling to find some central theme in my work, trying to figure out where my work was coming from, and where I should be looking towards.

After a while, I got up from my desk and started wandering around the art hall and taking random pictures of things. I took a picture of an EXIT sign. I took a picture of a toilet. I took a picture walking up the stairs, with the camera shaking to give the impression of being inebriated. Overall, I was feeling a little lost. 

On Thursday, I met with my professor to help with my direction for this class. I walked away from our meeting with new ideas, and planning to get started on my work. She suggested that I should start taking a picture every day, which I started immediately. I looked through my camera’s memory card at pictures I took as far back as 2021. Possibly the worst year of my life. I was incredibly sick, with every day feeling like I was chained to a bathroom. I looked through the pictures, remembering the time and place they were taken, why they were taken, what I was feeling taking them, and started to put the pieces together.

This was a week about planning. I’m hoping to hit the ground running next week and start creating some more work. I definitely want to include syringes in my works. I want to expand that idea further next week. 

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