Wednesday, January 17, 2024


I dislike winter. I've never understood what people like about this season. It's cold, it gets dark way to early, and snow is not my favorite form of precipitation. It's also January, which is probably the most depressing month out of the year. There's really nothing interesting that happens in January outside of New Year's Day, and that's the FIRST DAY OF THE MONTH. February at least is cool because it's just one month away from March, which is where the weather starts getting nicer again. 

Anyway, it started snowing on Monday, and I woke up Tuesday to discover classes were cancelled. So today, Wednesday, was my first real day of the semester. First day of classes was aight. My afternoon class was cancelled, but it's looking like Monday and Wednesdays are gonna be tons of fun. Two three hour long studio classes with choir practice separating them in the middle. I leave my apartment at 08:30 and don't get back until around 16:30. Tuesdays and Thursdays are way more open, with just my night class. And Friday just has choir at noon. 

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