Thursday, February 1, 2024

ARTS 475: Week 2

Second week of my senior thesis class. On Tuesday, I thought more about my project. I’m deciding between different things now. After taking quite a few pictures since class Thursday, I’m thinking about incorporating text into the images for the viewer to be able to understand more along the lines of what I was thinking at that point in time. Also probably going to throw in song lyrics, as I listen to quite a lot of music during the day. The new idea that came to me today was album art. I already have the idea for my band Motif1’s debut LP album cover, but I still like to experiment with different things. Maybe I can work on that, make a giant collage of fake album art with the “Motif1'' name. A third idea that surfaced during my work today was utilizing my giant plastic board my friends and I found in the dumpster last semester. I’ve wanted to use that in an art project, but I hadn’t found the right opportunity for it. But I think now is my chance. Maybe I could spray paint “MOTIF1'' on it, and decorate it with lyrics and images relating to the band and the messages I convey through our songs. I will need to work on this further. As of right now, my main idea is still focusing on the “photo every day” idea. I’m going to try to turn it into a zine. Just need to figure out how to actually make that.

On Thursday, I decided to move and sit in the almost empty classroom across the hall from the Digital Lab, just for a change of scenery. I am continuing to work on my “Photo Every Day” project. I’m really liking how that one’s coming along. Some pictures were taken when I was doing something fun, like hanging out with friends. Some were taken at pretty low points, like the basement of duPont Hall. What I was thinking, what I was feeling. The negative feelings surrounding my work, and how I view myself as an artist. I’m trying to stay away from text for the most part in this series. I’m not totally writing it off, maybe a little phrase here and there to give some context, but I think the photos look better on their own.

Additionally, I was thinking more about how to actually display my photographs. After attending Taylor White’s gallery opening on campus, I was really interested in how he displayed his works, especially these. They were duct-taped to the wall and displayed in a kind of scattered arrangement. I really liked this display. 

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