Thursday, September 28, 2023

What Is Happening?

Okay so I just got back from working at the studio, and it's almost 2 in the goddamn morning. I had to edit my interview AND put glaze on my ceramics project. Both of which seriously sucked to do, and now I'm ready to pass out. I blasted "White Sky" by Vampire Weekend from my phone as I made my way from the studio to my apartment. 

Here's some pics from tonight. Or this morning? I forget.

Monday, September 25, 2023

Kitchen Nightmares is BACK!

Making a post to announce how out-of-my-mind excited I am that Gordon Ramsay's show Kitchen Nightmares is coming back! The first episode aired tonight but I don't have a TV... I still can't wait to see it.

I was hanging out with my friends from my a cappella group yesterday. Our performance was cancelled cuz of the rain, so we went to IHOP. Then we went back to campus and played piano and sang in the music hall. 

Later that night, my roommate and I went to the pizza place on campus and got there within about five minutes of them closing. We walked away with a whole cheese pizza and some pepperoni wheels they pretty much just gave us. After we ate, my roommate showed me this Atlantic Union Bank sign he found in the dumpster. After dragging it out into the parking lot, I decided to take it and use it for a future art project. The sign is like ten feet long, and it's all hard plastic, so it took the two of us to carry it. We brought it to the art hall and after labeling it, I put it on the balcony. What I'm going to do with it I don't know yet. I may either cut up the letters and rearrange them, or use the back as a canvas or something. 

Here are some recent pictures I took.

Saturday, September 23, 2023

I'm Tired

Today was a day. One of the days of all time. I don't really know what to write about, so I'm just going to share more pictures I took recently. Bonus points if you can guess the album I was thinking about when I took the chandelier picture. 

Wednesday, September 20, 2023

This Summer

So tonight I was thinking back to this past summer and looking through photos I took on my trip with my friend and his family to Upstate New York. It was a really fun trip and in such a scenic location. Here's some pictures from those two weeks that really stuck with me.

The Campsite


Lake Placid


Okay so I was in the bathroom one night, minding my own business, when this cricket hops into the stall. I squished it with my shoe because it was big and scarry and hopping towards me at an alarming rate. The worst part was, when I killed it, a fucking parasitic HAIRWORM slithered its way OUT OF IT. It was so cool and so horrifying at the same time. Look up what a hairworm does to its host it's actually insane. Nature is beautiful.

ALSO SURPRISE GREG IS MAKING A SURPRISE APPEARENCE. (technically from 2021 but Greg is forever.)

Monday, September 18, 2023

I'm in the car, I just can't wait... write this post, and not a day too late. Okay, that's enough of that. I just had to make a post on here to share how hyped I am that Blink-182 is coming out with a new album! I saw the announcement post on Instagram today while in the music hall and I almost lost my shit. It's called ONE MORE TIME... and is scheduled to come out on October 20th. A new single "ONE MORE TIME" is coming out this THURSDAY the 21st at 10:00 oh my God.

Anyways, I just got back to the apartment from McDonald's after working on my Ceramics II ass-ignment. Today is National Cheeseburger Day and you can get a Double Cheeseburger for only 50 cents at McDonald's. So you know I had to jump on that and pretty soon I was staring at 50 cents worth of cheeseburg.

After a cappella rehearsal my friends and I went out to eat. It was about 22:45 when we got out, and we were thinking of where to go. After deciding on Freddy's, we hightailed it up the road and made it within 10 minutes of them closing. The employees were rightfully giving us the stink-eye, so we decided to get slices at Benny Vitali's Pizza instead. Love that place. Great pizza, cool atmosphere, and they're always playing punk and alternative music over the speakers. My favorite songs I've heard in there are "Tongues" by The Frights, "Juicebox Baby" by The Regrettes, and "Atop a Cake" by Alvvays. Overall awesome place, 10/10 IGN.

Pretty solid Monday. Only problem is that I'm completely awake and it's almost midnight. And I have a 09:30 class tomorrow. I guess I shouldn't have had that Mountain Dew Spark. But I just had to pick the soda can that had the best design on it.

Also, this sign can't stop me cuz I CAN'T READ!

Sunday, September 17, 2023

Double Bogey

As I sit staring at my post editor deciding what to write about tonight, I can hear my friends yelling at Wii Sports Resort in the living room as Lit's newest album, Tastes Like Gold blares out of my crappy laptop speakers.

It really has been two weeks since my last post.

Yesterday was Saturday, my VGC day. While it's technically not called the "Video Game Club" anymore, that's still how I think about it. Just seven of us dicking around in the university center playing video games and eating McDonald's until 02:00. And that's still how it is these days, for the most part. 

The highlight for me of  VGC last night was playing Kirby & the Amazing Mirror multiplayer. This was my first multiplayer Game Boy Advance game experience, and it was cool to see the link cables in action. Kirby & the Amazing Mirror is definitely in my Top 3 Kirby Games list, up there with Kirby Super Star Ultra and Kirby's Epic Yarn.

After the club meeting ended, I invited everyone over to my apartment to hang out. I got my Nintendo Entertainment System up and running, and my friend brought over his English-patched copy of Digital Devil Story: Megami Tensei. My NES works pretty well, although I have to jam something in the game tray to keep the cartridge pressed down so it will run properly. I've run into the "blinking light" issue a few times, but it does work eventually and that's what's important.

I still have a lot of work to do for classes coming up. Ceramics II is the worst one right now. We have to make eight different ceramic tiles, each with a different method of designing them. (Delft, sgraffito, relief, contemporary...) It's driving me crazy right now. I need to get over to the studio soon to work on them. The other big thing I have to do for a class is work on my interview project for Experimental Documentary. It's a fun project, but it's still going to be a lot of work. 

I applied for a job at a coffee shop on campus so I can start making some money. The summer class I took completely ate up any money I had saved for this semester, so I need to start working again. Hopefully I hear back from the place soon. I'm kinda running out of food over here. I need to go over to Giant to get some stuff but I've been waiting until I can start working somewhere. My friend from my a cappella group gifted me a free box from EveryPlate, and it arrived today. It came with ingredients for four meals and it all looks scrumpsh. 

I went to the McDonald's across the street from the apartment building for lunch today and redeemed my store points for a Happy Meal. I got four Pokémon cards and some Pokémon stickers.

After getting some slices and pepperoni wheels for dinner tonight (using campus meal swipes), I started watching the second season of Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid. I really liked the first season so I'm excited to see what's going to happen in this season.

Rehearsal starts at 19 tonight, so I should probably get going soon. 

Sunday, September 3, 2023

It's Been One Week..

Well, the first week of school is finally over. I say that like finals week is finally over. In just the first few classes I've had so far, I've already been assigned a project in Ceramics II and a number of readings for my Experimental Documentary class. I picked up my supplies for my classes at the bookstore as well as my big block of stoneware clay that will be transformed into a series of projects covering the first half of the semester.

The a cappella group I'm in started back up again, which I brought up in an earlier post. I wrote that we performed at Club Carnival and now we have our first rehearsal with the new people tomorrow. This past Friday, I met up with my friend in the music hall to discuss what are plans are for our prog-punk project, Motif1. We formed this group in 2021 while we were living together and we're hoping to release something this semester. He plays acoustic guitar and sings, and I play bass. We've both written a good amount of songs. Over just this past summer, I've written about 5-ish songs that don't make me want to retract into myself when I read the lyrics. We're going to play a show at a Halloween party in the apartments, so that's something to look forward to. 

Last night was fun. I went to my school's video game club (or VGC, as the cool kids call it) to hang out and meet some of the new members. I mostly played Super Smash Bros. Ultimate
 and Minecraft. One of my friends brought his GameCube and I tried my best at WarioWare and Kirby Air Ride. By the time the meeting wrapped up at around 23:00, we were all pretty tired. A few of us went back to my place and played some Wii Sports on our funny TV. One of my roommates found this big-ass flatscreen TV in a dumpster one day, and he dug it out and brought it back to the apartment. The TV itself didn't look in terrible shape, but it wasn't until we plugged it in and turned it on did we realize why it was in the trash. It's pretty cool actually, half of the TV looks normal, while the other half is like, dying. Basically, half the TV is all dark and the colors are off and there are ghosting problems. 

The bad side of the TV really added to the experience as we struggled to get the hang of Wii Sports broken-ass golf controls. It really helps when you can barely see one side of the screen. Overall, solid Saturday night. I ended up going to bed at around 02:00 which was helpful in trying to fix my terrible summer sleep schedule. I'm probably going to get my work done today, as well as update the appearance of this blog a little more so it doesn't look so barren. 

A dropped camera or modern art? Or both? You decide: