Saturday, March 30, 2024


Okay, I've had enough of this. 

We didn't have an ARTS 475 journal entry due this week, which was an early Easter miracle. Also, side note, I completely forgot this holiday existed. It just snuck up on me. I think this is a sign to stop posting ARTS 475 journal entries on here because this is horrible and no one actually reads this shit. Besides, it's pointless for me now. The bulk of my project is done. I made the photo book, and I'm finishing up the zines. The last thing that needs to happen is I need to get my stupid book printed so I can actually display this to people who don't care about it.

My phone I've had since 2018 broke today, which was just fantastic. I'm going to try to see if I can get to the Verizon store and hopefully get a replacement. I don't have the money for a brand new phone. Maybe I can just exchange it? I don't know how phone plans work, and I don't care. I use this thing too much anyway.

If you couldn't tell, I'm pretty pissed the fuck off. Life is fucking me, and I forgot the safe word. I need to make an appointment with the Career Center again to help me with my job search. I need to find something for after graduation, which is in a FEW FUCKING WEEKS. 

Normal posts are going to be coming back very soon. I hope to make a few more of them to get the taste of ARTS 475 journal entries out of my mouth. It's whatever. Here's some recent pictures. I'll include a few more than usual this time since it's been a while.

Friday, March 22, 2024

ARTS 475: Week 9

My project is coming to an end. The last photo will be taken and added to the book on March 26th. That's exactly three months from when I started. I'm still on the fence about including text in a photo book. Also, the zines are coming along. They are going to be much shorter, and while they do include some of the photos from the "Photo Every Day" book, they are grouped together to show connections between themes that have been reoccurring in my work such as unhealthy eating, illness, medicine, and stress. The zines will be much shorter than the book containing only a handful of pages.

I'm going to display my photo book on a simple pedestal, and most likely have my zines in a stack next to it for people to take. I don't want to hand them out to people. That seems too... self-centered? I don't know. I don't really feel comfortable handing my "artwork" out to people. If people want to take one, they may. 

Overall, I'm pretty happy with how this project has turned out. It's the last few months of my life documented in photo format. They're special to me, even though the subject matter captured within them gets pretty dark.

Friday, March 15, 2024

ARTS 475: Week 8

My plan is ready to go. I know what I need to do now, and finally, the end is in sight. I'm not making a sculpture or a video, I'm making a photo book and zines. I am going to make a proper photo book displaying everything in my "Photo Every Day" series from January 24th to April 24th. Hopefully there's still enough time to get the book printed after that date. I'm trying to go for a clean four months of photos, but that may not happen. 

Additionally, I will be making several copies of a zine I'm working on. This will be different from the "Photo Every Day" format as it will not be in chronological order, but will still include the same images. I plan for people to (hopefully) take a copy of my zine for themselves and then flip through the photo book at the gallery exhibition. Now that I have a clearer vision of what the final product is going to look like, I am eager to finish it up and get this thing out already.

Because of the "Photo Every Day" aspect of it, the actual book may not get printed until mid-April as I am still actively taking pictures and want to add as many as I can. I should find a good date to stop if April 24th doesn't work so I'm not rushing to get this thing done. 

It may not be super elaborate or pretty or whatever, but it's mine. These are my pictures, my words, and I'm standing by them, dammit. No, seriously...

I'm actually looking forward to making this. I thank the professors that came around to the different studios a while back for helping to put me back on track and focus on what is important to me.

Friday, March 1, 2024

ARTS 475: Week 6

This is it. I’m not going to do the “NO TRUST?” bank sign project anymore. I do not make sculptures, and I don’t have an interest in making sculptures. I picked that idea as I wanted to use that sign for something, and I liked the imagery of stuffing a mattress with cash. 

But I don’t really care about that idea.

I started this semester with a goal in mind. I wanted to make a zine. I wanted to take a bunch of photos every day and use them to tell a story about my life. Be a bit more personal.